Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government
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Kaohsiung, young cultural and creative workers’ first choice.

Kaohsiung is blessed with a unique geographical environment and the profound cultural heritage, which nurtures many outstanding talents. In recent years, Kaohsiung has been faced with the issue of urban transformation and industrial upgrading. In order to attract cultural and creative talents to return to Kaohsiung, we have successively launched the "Cultural and Creative Workers Returning to Kaohsiung Project" since 2010. So far, the project has subsidized 125 workers in 61 sessions, creating rich cultural and creative achieveme....
Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government

No. 67, Wufu 1st Road, Lingya District, Kaohsiung City 802214, Taiwan

+886 7 222-5136

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