Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government
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The Organization

The Organization

  • Cultural Development Center
  • Cultural Heritage Center
  • Performing Arts Development Center
  • Cultural and Creative Development Center
  • Pier-2 Operation Center
  • Film Production and Development Center
  • Cultural Property Center
  • Managing Office of Cultural Center
Administrative corporation
  • Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
  • Kaohsiung Museum of History
  • Kaohsiung City Film Museum
  • Kaohsiung City Library
  • Kaohsiung Pop Music Center
Financial corporation
  • Kaohsiung City Philharmonic Culture and Art Foundation

Related Affairs

Department Related Affairs
Managing Office of Cultural Center Assemble and coordinate: Organizing exhibitions and performances within the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Cultural Affairs, review applications, promotion and development.
Maintain and manage: Kaohsiung Cultural Center, Kaohsiung Music Hall, Dadong Arts Center, Gangshan Cultural Center
Cultural Property Center Assemble and coordinate: constructing and restoring cultural architecture as well as venues within the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Cultural affairs, updating the operation handbook for repair and construction technology, construction fee references, cultural construction budgeting, and construction purchasing strategies
Film Production and Development Center Organize and promote film and television marketing events, film and television subsidy projects.
Counseling and promoting filming support.
Affiliated Projects:
Maintain and manage: Film Kaohsiung Website, location database.
Subsidize and invest in film production, Original Scriptwriting Residency Project, Film in Kaohsiung Image Creation Grant Project
Pier-2 Operation Center Organize and promote exhibition and performance planning, stationing and cultivating creative industries in the Pier-2 Art Center, supervise artist residencies.
Affiliated Projects:
Maintain and manage: The Pier-2 Base, The Pier-2 Art Center
Curate: The Delight of Chinese Character Festival, Kaohsiung Design
Festival, Youth Innovative Design Festival, Kaohsiung International
Steel and Iron Sculpture Festival, Young Art Kaohsiung, Design Talent
Homecoming Project
Cultural and Creative Development Center Organize and promote culture and creative industry development policies, popular music industry development
Counseling and promoting public art (review), visual arts and cultivate artistic talents.
Affiliated Projects:
Maintain and manage: Cultural Cruise, Hongmaogang Cultural Park.
Set trial programs for pop music production and performance venues.
Performing Arts Development Center Organize and promote performance art events, promoting domestic and international exchange.
Counseling and promoting local art groups, street artists, etc.
Affiliated Projects:
Curate: Kaohsiung Spring Arts Festival, Artist City Residency Project, Outstanding Performance Troupe Award Plan
Maintain and manage: Kaohsiung Experimental Theatre
Cultural Heritage Center Setting guidelines for cultural asset review entries, surveys and research, restorations, and drafting heritage areas.
Organize and promote comprehensive community evelopment projects and local cultural centers.
Affiliated Projects:
Maintain and manage: Kaohsiung City Cultural Heritage Information Site, The British Consulate at Takow, Fongyi Tutorial Academy, Taiwan Pineapple Museum, Cishan Railway Museum, and other cultural heritage parks.
Supervise: Huangpu, Jianye, Lequn Village “Protection Through Residence Project,” Hamasen Restoration Project, Old Fongshan City Restoration Project
Cultural Development Center Organize and promote cultural creativity and publishing, wards for outstanding cultural and artistic professionals, information platforms for events and performances, and cultural olunteers.
Affiliated Projects:
The Takow Fongyi Literature Award, Kaohsiung Literature Publishing Grants Project, Kaohsiung Culture and Arts Award, and Monthly Book Recommendations by the Mayor.

Public Agency of Kaohsiung Cultural Institutes:Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts、Kaohsiung Museum of History、Kaohsiung Film Archive

Administrative Institutions Related Affairs
Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts Curate comprehensive exhibitions, introduce international art events, and showcase local art development. The KMFA collaborates with world-famous art museums and art foundations to present the various periods, masters, and masterpieces throughout art history.
Kaohsiung Museum of History Dedicated to in-depth research towards the history and cultural collections of Kaohsiung, the Kaohsiung Museum of History is dedicated to diversifying themes, building local cultural and historical repositories, curating local exhibitions and events that include the Lion Dance Festival, Kaohsiung Stories, and lectures held in the Museum of History as well as the Military Dependents’ Village.
Kaohsiung Film Archive Hosting the annual Kaohsiung Film Festival and curating themes for film festivals, building a base for short films, promoting film culture, building film education, and cultivating the film industry. We are dedicated to developing the VR Somato-sensory Technology industry to provide a variety of viewing options and filming opportunities.
Kaohsiung Public Library Overseeing the management of Kaohsiung Main Public Library, its various branches, and Kaohsiung Literary Museum, as well as organizing various reading and educational events.
Kaohsiung Music Center Kaohsiung Music Center is responsible for organizing and inviting outstanding, quality music performances from both domestic and abroad. The center also cultivates professional music talent and provides educational interaction, ample space, software, and hardware services for large music festivals.

Department Related Affairs
Kaohsiung Philharmonic Cultural and Arts Foundation Managing Kaohsiung’s two iconic professional music groups: Kaohsiung Symphony Orchestra and Kaohsiung Chinese Orchestra. Arranging musical and performance art events, implementing music education and cultivating theatre management talents.
Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government

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