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Kaohsiung Film Archive related photos

Kaohsiung Film Archive

Kaohsiung Film Archive was established in 2002 and formally renamed in 2010. The site once served as Yancheng Junior High School’s classrooms, the KMT public service center, and later a rehearsal space for the former Kaohsiung Chinese Orchestra. It became the city’s film archive after an extensive renovation. The institution aims to become a “citizens' cinema” with regular thematic film events. Its flagship event Kaohsiung Film Festival is now one of Taiwan’s top three influential events of its kind, and the most significant film festival on southern Taiwan's social calendar.

No.10, Hesi Rd., Yancheng District, Kaohsiung

+886-7- 551-1211

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Kaohsiung Music Hall related photos

Kaohsiung Music Hall

The Kaohsiung Music Hall opened in 1989 and is situated near the Kaohsiung Museum of History and Kaohsiung International Conference Center. The venue is dedicated to housing professional performances and is an important base for the development of Yancheng district.

No. 99, Hexi Rd., Yancheng Dist., Kaohsiung City.


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Kaohsiung Music Center related photos

Kaohsiung Music Center

The Kaohsiung Music Center is located at the intersection of the Love River (Ai River) and Kaohsiung Harbor. The Center features: an exhibition hall in the form of coral reefs, towers that represent undulating waves, performance halls inspired by the shape of a whale as well as buildings alongside a light rail tram modeled after dolphin movement.

The Center is highly anticipated as a developmental base where pop music meets maritime culture.

Pier-11 to Pier-15 of Kaohsiung Harbor

Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts related photos

Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts

Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts (KMFA) is one of the most esteemed art institutions in southern Taiwan. The museum has featured canons by artistic giants, as well as thematic shows that introduce the local art scene.

Located in the Neiweipi Cultural Park area, KMFA is famous for its natural charm. The Children’s Museum of Arts is situated at the northern corner of the park, and is the first children’s public art museum in Taiwan. In the future, the KMFA Art and Ecology Park will continue to serve as an incubator for the city’s creative talents.

80 Meishuguan Road, Kaohsiung

+886-7- 555-0331

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Kaohsiung Public Library related photos

Kaohsiung Public Library

Kaohsiung Main Public Library is located at the Asia New Bay Area. It stands out as a landmark green architecture, with a special suspension design that enables a unique presentation of “trees in the building and building in trees”. It also boasts a tea house and a rooftop garden.

The library provides a rich collection of international novels, senior-friendly services, and specialized publications on the city’s cultural and historical development, in addition to collecting out-of-print classics.

No. 61, Xinguang Rd., Qianzhen Dist., Kaohsiung

+886-7- 536-0238

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Kaohsiung Museum of History related photos

Kaohsiung Museum of History

Kaohsiung Museum of History was founded in 1998 and proclaimed the first municipal museum dedicated to urban history. The Japanese Imperial Crown style architecture was built in 1939 and painted a light green for protection against air attacks during WWII. A central tower and two smaller towers placed symmetrically on each side presents a stately air and dignified presence.

The building was originally Kaohsiung’s City Hall under Japanese rule and was later used as office space for the city government in 1992. It was part of the Japanese urban development, standing testament to the city’s history and recognized as a municipal heritage site in 2004.

No. 272, Jhongjheng 4th Rd., Yancheng Dist., Kaohsiung

+886-7- 531-2612#106

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