Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government
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  • 《Weiwuying × Kaohsiung Spring Arts Festival Online Concert Hall》 5/30 PM7:30 Kaohsiung Symphony Orchestra Video broadcast
  • Yunghsu Hsu: A World Made Light
  • 2020 Kaohsiung Spring Arts Festival
Happy 100th Birthday, Kaohsiung!

In 1920, the Government-General of Taiwan implemented an administrative regional reform. Tainan Chō, Banshoryō Chō, Hōzan Chō, Akō Chō were incorporated into the newly formed Kaohsiung Prefecture. "Takao" was officially changed to “Kaohsiung,” and 2020 marks Kaohsiung’s centennial renaming celebration!

To celebrate Kaohsiung's centennial birth, the Kaohsiung City Government has presented a series of "Kaohsiung 100" events since the end of 2019, telling our city’s story and the past 100 years’ changes in architecture, art and history. Let's look ba....